Meet Corinne Alexandra

Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photographer Based in San Diego.

Capturing real & heartfelt moments with rad couples wildly in love.

I’ve been an artist my entire life.

From the moment I could pick up a pencil, I was constantly drawing, painting, writing stories, and exploring every creative outlet I could get my grubby little kid hands on. Naturally, I started playing with photography at around 13-years-old (thanks dad for letting me commandeer the family camera) and began shooting professionally at 16. Over the last decade+, I mostly worked within the music scene, photographing metalcore bands and musicians. Eventually, those guys started settling down and getting married, and it only seemed right for the girl who used to shoot their sweaty stage performances to now capture their weddings.

Back then, I never would have imagined myself becoming a wedding photographer, but I’ve fallen completely in love with it! Much like music photography, shooting weddings is all about capturing the energy, emotions, and experience of the moment. And I get to create badass portraits with rad couples madly in love! What’s cooler than that?

Photo by Katherine McQueen

Behind the Scenes

Nostalgia addict , foodie, dog person, cinephile, antique junkie, former emo kid, art freak

When I’m not shooting, you can find me hunting treasures at dusty antique malls, watching gorey 80s sci-fi horror films with my husband (he’s also my second shooter), bingeing true crime & paranormal podcasts, chowing down on In-N-Out, playing Pokemon and Zelda, or spooning with our Australian cattle dog, Scout. I’m an INTJ, enneagram 4w3, Pisces sun Sagittarius moon, Slytherin.

Meet Dave

We’re a husband & wife team.

He’s my second shooter / partner in crime.

Back in the day, Dave used to assist me on all my band shoots (which mostly just meant he carried my heavy bags – thanks babe!). When he started coming with me on engagement shoots, he stood in the background taking behind-the-scenes photos on his iPhone. His photos turned out to be really good! So I put a real camera in his hands and he was a natural. Now he shoots alongside me at all my weddings, capturing those subtle moments and candids. Plus he brings the laughs and the tunes (he may or may not play “Careless Whisper” once or twice during your shoot).

When he’s not shooting with me, you can find Dave working as an IT manager at his day job, playing drums, nerding out over all things Star Wars, eating way too many gummy candies, and rearranging his whiskey, pipe, & record collection. He’s an ESFJ, enneagram 2, Libra sun Taurus moon, Gryffindor.

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